Streamflow’s $10k Developer Grant

1 min readAug 1, 2022

We’re offering $10K in grants to anyone who builds on top of our streaming primitive during Solana’s Summer Camp Hackathon. If you’re a courageous builder interested in unlocking the full potential of streams, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Streaming Primitive

Streamflow is a token distribution platform allowing users to distribute value through streams. We currently use streams to facilitate payroll streaming and token vesting, but this financial primitive is a building block for many payment-related use cases, such as:

Drop-in payment forms

  • Create plug-and-play forms allowing any project to simply drop in a form enabling them to offer streaming or vesting payments within their app

Subscriptions managing platform

  • Use Streamflow protocol to handle subscriptions for content creators, streamers, and so on

Yield accruing streams

  • Create a tool for converting USDC to cUSDC before the stream, then creating the stream, then converting back to USDC on withdrawal

Our SDK gives builders access to all of the tools & features necessary to create a dApp that leverages the power of streaming. You can head to our Integrations page to find everything you need to get started.




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