Introducing Streamflow’s Cryptocurrency to Fiat Off-ramp Solution

Our goal at Streamflow is to provide an automated — set it and forget it — token operations platform while removing as many hurdles for users as possible.

Transferring cryptocurrency to fiat money has been a longstanding issue for the crypto community as a whole, but thanks to our latest integration, we now offer off-ramp/withdrawals from Streamflow to U.S. bank accounts! Users can store funds in Streamflow and off-ramp USDC (and SOL, which is converted to USDC) to their bank account.

Our off-ramp is currently in closed Beta. User’s interested in testing the integration can sign up here.

About Streamflow

Streamflow is a token distribution platform that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute funds safely and securely. Streamflow is the market leader on Solana for token vesting services.

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Token distribution platform on Solana blockchain. Vesting contracts, salaries, airdrops. Streamed. #DeFi