How To Set Up a Multisig Beta Wallet With Streamflow

3 min readSep 6, 2022

Streamflow’s multisig wallet Beta is here and ready to serve individuals and teams looking to establish a treasury gated by multiple private keys. We’ll be collecting feedback, adding additional features, and fixing bugs in the coming weeks as we run our Beta event.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to creating a Streamflow multisig wallet:

Step 1: Connect Wallet

To begin, connect your Wallet to the Streamflow app. Streamflow supports multiple wallet providers including Phantom, Slope, Sollet, and Solfare.

Solana Wallet selection for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

Step 2: Name multisig Wallet

Click on the “multisig wallet tab,” and give your wallet a descriptive name so members can easily identify its purpose.

Wallet Name for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

Step 3: Add members

Add members by copying and pasting their wallet addresses. Be sure to enter member names to keep track of which wallet belongs to which member.

Members for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

Step 4: Set the number of approvals needed for proposals

Set the number of members needed to complete a transaction. For instance, if you have three members you can require two of those three to approve a transaction. You can also require one member or all three members to come together to approve a transaction depending on your needs.

Number of approvals needed for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

Step 5: Deposit funds

Copy the multisig wallet address and use a previously created wallet to fund your multisig.

Wallet Address for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

Step 6: Manage Multisig via proposals

When you Initiate a stream, add a new member, or change the name of the multisig wallet an accompanying proposal is created. Members must vote on each proposal in order to make changes to the multisig wallet.

Proposals for Streamflow Finance Multisig Beta

List of supported proposals

  • Add and remove members
  • Update wallet name
  • Create vesting & payroll streams
  • Adjust the approval threshold


Congrats anon, you’re ready to create proposals and initiate secure streams to recipient wallets! 🎉

If you run into any issues hop on our Discord and the team will be happy to help you out and get the issues resolved!

About Streamflow

Streamflow is a token distribution platform that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute funds safely and securely. Streamflow is the market leader on Solana for token vesting services.

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