Heavenland and Streamflow partnership

2 min readJul 17, 2022


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Heaven Land, a virtual reality platform where users can experience, improve and monetize their assets. The futuristic architecture city of Heaven Land, located in gravity tubes in the Earth’s orbit, draws on the most recent research on self-sustaining cities. We believe cities should resemble Heaven Land rather than how they do presently.

There are 38 distinct Clusters in Heaven Land, with sizes ranging from 1 by 1 km to 2 by 2 km. Every Cluster has a centrally located public area known as a Spawning Area. Spawning Areas are the sole entryways into Heaven Land. You can always teleport to the Spawning Area from any location. Every public area is unique, including galleries, stadiums, concert halls, spaceports, harbors, and lots more.

Depending on the height of a building they can accommodate, clusters come in four different varieties. Skyscrapers exist in only one Cluster in Heaven Land’s center. The building’s height is more constrained the farther you go from the center. You will always see the skyscrapers guiding you toward Heaven Land’s core, regardless of where you are in the cylinder. Heaven Token (HTO) will serve as the main currency in Heaven Land. HTO will be tradable for any assets and services in Heaven Land and publicly tradable on secondary marketplaces, ensuring enough liquidity and easy exchange for popular digital assets. You can learn more here.

Our Partnership

Heaven Land has tapped into our token vesting solution to distribute tokens to their contributors, investors, and partners. We are excited to work with the Heaven Land team as they are passionate about building a metaverse of value on Solana. We see a bright future with the Heaven Land metaverse project and look forward to working together to promote more adoption and growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

About Streamflow

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